A warm welcome to my blog and a taste of one of my writing assignments.

Hi everyone! welcome to my new blog. I really love writing and just recently decided to do an online course. My sister recommended a website called Futurelearn. I’ve done other courses there since I discovered the site this year, and especially in the past few months. I’ve just started a course called  Start Writing Fiction. I’m enjoying it so far, despite the fact I’ve been writing novels since 2013, but they’re different genres. 

I’ll tell you about my writing journey in other posts in this blog, but here’s  my answer to an exercise from the writing course so you can get an idea of the tasks we have to do. I had to observe  a character by watching a video and then make my description of her more detailed to make her seem more realistic.  This is called “fleshing out” a character.

Meet Rose Ming Na.
She really wants a degree because a lot of people in her family have one. The second she enrolled on the course to be a doctor, she knew it was the right choice for her. Sure she’s conscientious, and underneath all that seriousness, she is a fun loving animal loving loving person who thinks she just has the last paragraph of this assignment to do, and then she’ll be off for the day and the weekend. She knows from what her mother (also a doctor,) had told her that medical school was hard, but that was okay, because her dad has enough money to pay the amount necessary necessary to get her closer to a dream of working in one of London’s top hospitals, of helping others and, of course, of owning her own white coat with a name emblazoned carefully on the pocket in fancy royal blue letters. She slipped , and drained, the last of the strong black coffee. No milk. Milk is for wimps she thought : –. If you’re going to get the full benefits of coffee, drink it strong and black. She finished what she was writing with a flourish,her brow creased and a look of intense concentration on her face. Her mum said her face was pretty, oval-shaped with creamy skin and almond shaped eyes. This time when she recently got a haircut, she opted for the shoulderlength cut with the fringe that framed her face and made her look like the distinguished soon-to-be medical student she is.

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