Prize disappointment

Early this morning, I turned my iPad on and went to the Camp NaNoWriMo page ( where I was hoping to find some great prizes. However, what I found was an offer for Scrivener, one for Aeon Timeline, BookBaby and Inked Voices. From having done, and won, Camp NaNoWriMo twice before this time I’ve done it, I know that The Office of Letters and Light (the people who organise the National Novel Writing Month competitions) usually uses the same, or similar, sponsors for every competition. I must admit that I was really hoping to find an offer from, an online self publishing website who in the past have offered Camp NaNoWriMo winners a chance to get a free printed copy of their novel, and the winner just had to foot the bill for postage. The book in my case actually worked out quite cheaply at about £4.99, which I think is not that bad value considering that the book is printed in the USA, and many other US websites charge more postage to Europe than that.
I took up this offer once, and was pleased with the quality of the printed paperback, which I have proudly on my bookshelf as a souvenir. They gave me the chance to go on and publish with them if I wanted to, but I decided to leave my novels as private access on their website until I can decide how and who I want to publish with . I am already a member of Inked Voices, which is an online critique group website which uses small critique groups of a maximum of either 8 or 10 members as a basis for critiquing writing. I have been a member of this group for almost a year, and plan to renew my membership once this one is up in the summer. I feel that I get good value out of this group, and I have met some helpful people.

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