The Hottest Day of The Year (So Far)

Today was a really hot day- 35 degrees Celsius  maximum. I’d been meaning to get my hair cut for awhile and finally did (I’ve been growing it out.) We went to the bank which was surprisingly very accessible, and which Alfredo had found one day. Without warning, the bank moved my account to a building that’s totally inaccessible for me, so, armed with all the documents I needed and my to-the-point explanation that the bank my account is now at isn’t accessible, I didn’t have to explain too much, the lady who served me seemed to understand thankfully. Where I’ve moved my account to is a very accessible building, with a shallow ramp and electric doors. I get really annoyed when EVERY building, especially public building, isn’t accessible. I did notice an elderly lady in a wheelchair who was being pushed by her daughter and who’d obviously come to the same conclusion as I had- that other banks nearby weren’t as accessible as this one. When I went up to the counter, I was thinking I can’t wait to get my new powerchair with the electric seat riser though, so I’m at a better height when near anywhere with a counter. For a shopaholic like me, this is something that’s a real must so I can feel like the environment is more inclusive and mine and other wheelchair user’s/ people with disabilities needs are met. I got into a conversation with the hairdresser about the best products for my hair (she assured me it isn’t dry/damaged like I thought) and she was really interested in where I was from and asked what types of products I liked to use mist on my hair. I bought some more ” hair / beauty supplies” too, but exactly what will be revealed in Sunday’s “Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic” post. I’ll post pictures of my haircut after Alfredo dyes it for me, which should be tomorrow, so look out for them in this post. 

Till the next post, take care!


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