Unconditional body beautiful: Sitting on my Cute Behind 

Hi everyone! welcome to the fifth post from me in the Unconditional Body Beautiful series. For those of you reading this who don’t know, Unconditional Body Beautiful is a blog post series created by my friend Rebequita Rose which celebrates everybody despite of  how their body looks, so, for once, appearances don’t matter. Thanks Rebeca for inviting me to take part and blog! The series is based on me (and the other bloggers taking part) writing a blog post each month about our story surrounding an aspect of our bodies. This month, it’s the turn of the trasero (the behind, to those of you who don’t read or speak Spanish). 
I’ve always liked fashion, so in this blog post I’m going to talk about my favourite ways to dress my behind, a.k.a. skirts and trousers or shorts, and also another aspect. As I’m in a wheelchair, my behind is my way of getting around because I’m sitting down. Over the years, different people have reacted differently to what I ought to wear. I have had care assistants who have dressed me in jogging bottoms all the time (which is comfy for lounging about the house and on my “period days” , but not my idea of fashion, and only good for sessions of stretching or physiotherapy. ) I have lots of pairs of those and found them in various branches of Primark. I have them in olive green , navy blue pale grey dark grey brown peach and black, so I am able to choose my look when I’m doing activities like these .

I always think that you can never go without a pair of jeans, and I have different pairs of those too , ranging from the pale blue flared  pair I bought from Dorothy Perkins in 2009 whilst on a trip to Bournemouth with my parents, to pairs in various shades of blue (mostly dark ) that Alfredo bought me back from his trip to Peru to see his family in 2010. I have been on the lookout for that perfect pair of white jeans for years, but I haven’t been able to find any yet, so I hope I do this spring/summer season! I don’t like jeans with too many fiddly buttons or fastenings, as they are a nightmare for me to do up and undo because of my manual dexterity issues.

Leopard print shorts – because I love leopard print and wanted to show that shorts can still look great from a wheelchair. 

I’ve always liked the look of coloured jeans, and over the years have had some different pairs. I used to have a red pair which I bought from Pull and Bear  but I grew out of those and I haven’t been able to find one to replace them so far. I do have a purple pair from Zara, and bought two pairs in 2012 from Select. These pairs are a pair of burgundy skinny jeans and a pair of regular cut jeans in a browny orangey  rust colour. I can remember that when I bought them I felt really proud that I could wear skinny jeans again, because of my weight being up and down over the years. Just because I’m in a wheelchair I don’t see any reason for me not to look good. On a more serious note, the skin on my behind does suffer with dryness and irritation so I always make sure that I am fully equipped with body lotion, and also specialist creams like Sudocrem for those days when it’s really irritated and red . I’m sure those of you from the UK will have been told by your mum that she used this cream on your bottom as a baby? Well mine did too, and it’s what my doctor recommended I use. 

I also get skin irritation because I have to use adult nappies for my severe urine  incontinence. I actually hardly notice them and they are very comfortable to wear. I’m fine talking about this subject, and don’t get embarrassed by it. Despite this, I still buy nice underwear because the underwear that comes with them is very irritating to my sensitive skin (it’s made out of a material similar to tights). Because of all the irritation I get, I have been advised only to use cotton underwear. This is OK  in my opinion because cotton underwear feels better anyway. When I choose skirts, I prefer ones that are just below the knee, and have a hard time finding nice ones and ones that I would be able to wear because a lot of them are too long and get caught in my wheelchair’s wheels. I do have some pairs of shorts that I love though, and I’ll be wearing them more often now that the weather is getting warmer!
Unconditional Body Beautiful can be found on Facebook. Look out for these, and more, posts from the series here on my blog! (as I recently changed blogging platforms, they’ll be posted soon, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t find them straight away.) Look out for an Unconditional Body Beautiful post on the 18th of every month, as well as my usual posts every Wednesday and Sunday. Subscribe to my blog via email, or just click “follow” if you’re on WordPress. 

Thanks and take care 🙂 

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