Are you an author who has a disability or who writes about characters with disabilities?

Last July, after winning Camp NaNoWriMo,  I signed up for membership of an online critique group called Inked Voices. At the time, they were offering winners of the competition a chance to get a discount off either their monthly or annual membership. I decided to pay for an annual membership, and I’m so glad that I did. Since then, I’ve submitted various chapters from my novels, and critiqued other people’s work. This was the first online critique group, or critique group of any kind for that matter, that I had ever joined I’ve met people who value me and appreciate me and the way that I write , and have got the occasional email from them letting me know that they were grateful for my critique. Of course, critiquing, like anything in life, has its good and bad points, but I prefer to keep the good critiques and learn from the bad ones. I am constantly doing things related to writing every day and doing anything I can to be a better writer and hopefully someday I will be a published author. Inked Voices gives you the chance to be a part of small online critique groups within the site and also to create your own. Ever since I was young, I noticed that the majority of books have only able-bodied characters and not ones with disabilities, so I was determined that I would write books with characters with disabilities in them, and that’s what I have done. All of my books have at least one character with a disability in them. I will talk more about my books in another blog post, and that, as they say, is another story!:)

Back to Inked Voices – originally , I created two groups, one called Authors with cerebral palsy (CP), but I saw that it wasn’t getting much interest, and has since been deleted. At the same time I created another group called Disability in Writing, which essentially captures my vision that all writers with all disabilities will be able to share their work and also will be able to write about characters with disabilities if they wish. This group seems to be taking off better, and I’m proud to be admin of it. It is perfect for you if you have any type of disability, and/or are writing about characters with disabilities. The group does not mean to segregate writers with disabilities in any way , but it’s a place we can come together and share our work, which may or may not be influenced by our personal experience of living with a specific disability.

If you read this blog post,and you are a writer, aspiring author or published author with any kind of disability, join us, we’d be pleased to meet you! Critiques will be given sensitively and you and your work will be respected at all times. 
JOIN HERE! (You have to sign up to Inked Voices to use the site and join groups).

I really hope to see you there! 🙂 


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