Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Review of It’s  my Beautiful  Skin Day Hydrating and Calming  Day Cream for Dry/ Sensitive  Skin SPF 10 from HEMA.


As I wrote in another post, I bought this moisturiser about a couple of weeks ago, and I have only just started using it.

Here’s the link to my YouTube video for this product:

When I saw it in the shop, what I liked about it was the cute and simple packaging. The next thing I liked about it was the fact that it was lightweight: because of my disabilities, I can’t lift very much weight, and as you can see from the photo and video, the  pot is nice and compact.

What is different from other facial moisturisers is that when the lid is taken off, the first thing that you notice is that the product is covered in a layer of foil to keep it fresh – most other companies do package the moisturisers in boxes, but they don’t use anything to protect the product inside the packaging.

The product itself is a thick and nutritive formula, which is common with moisturisers for dry and sensitive skin. It has a very pleasant, fresh smell which I think is practically identical to Nivea’s soft cream. Another good point about this cream is that it has an SPF factor of 10, whereas a lot of moisturisers do not have SPF unless they are quite expensive. When going out in the sun, I always use a SPF face protector cream like Soltan SPF 30 facecream by Boots Like other moisturisers, this cream comes in a 50ml pot, and has a use by date of six months from the date you open it for the first time .

TIP: as the moisturiser is so thick, my tip is to only use a tiny amount dotted onto your face with a clean finger, then, if the areas need more, you can easily build up the amount of moisturiser, but whether you build it up or not will depend on your skin type, and how dry, and/ or  sensitive your skin is

As I explained in the video, after applying the moisturiser, I noticed my skin was noticeably fresher,but the downside that I saw was that my skin did feel a bit sticky, even hours after I first applied it, and despite the fact that the product was applied properly. This moisturiser is available in a combination/oily skin formation, but I decided to buy the dry /sensitive skin one because, when trying new moisturisers , I like to try and avoid skin reactions, which I get if the product for combination/oily skin is made with ingredients that are too strong for my skin.Some products this has happened with have been the Clearasil and OXY skin ranges, as well as the Garnier perfect match moisturiser for oily/combination skin.
These products will be reviewed in future blog posts.

To sum up, I found that it’s my beautiful skin day hydrating and calming day cream for dry/sensitive skin SPF 10 did hydrate and calm my skin, but that the formula was too sticky after being applied for my liking. It is good value at only £3 a pot , but because of the sticky texture I’m not sure that I’d buy it again, although if I did buy it again, what would attract me to do so would be the price, the smell of the product and the fact that it has sun protection in it. If I really needed a moisturiser with sun protection in it and didn’t want to spend too much money then I probably would buy this again, but only for this and the reasons I have just explained to you . This product gets 4 out of 10.


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