Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Review – Sephora 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation in  10 “Light Ivory” 

It’s always a great idea to have a good foundation base for your make up, because you want it to look great and stay put all day. This foundation cost me € 10 for 25 mL, (0.84 fluid ounces to those of you in the US) over a year ago, and I looked today, but it’s not on the French site any longer. It costs $20 on the US site, which I will admit seems a little bit pricey for something that only has 25 mL of product inside, but if, like me, you use  your make-up and beauty products sparingly,  you’ll have no problem seeing that this product will last you much longer than you think it will when you first see how much is in the container, especially because of the fact that only a small amount comes out. I decided to buy this because I really like the quality of Sephora products, and needed a new foundation at the time. I rarely buy the same product twice unless I really like it, and I wanted to buy a different foundation to see what Sephora foundation was like. I’m glad I did. 

So, what is this product like to use? here’s my opinion and advice! 


Eye catching and chic. 


Use your usual foundation sponge to apply this product.


Sephora offers a whole range of shades for this product, and classifies them into skin tone (light medium or dark) and also puts a colour name afterwards, like you can see in the picture below. The colour I bought is 10, light Ivory.


Light to medium


Light and blendable, this gives great coverage and is the best foundation I’ve used in a long time. It has a” second skin” texture and blends really well with my skin. 


5 stars. 


Oil free, great coverage and blending ability. True to skin tone. Comfortable. Absorbs shine very well. 


I think the only downside to this product is that is doesn’t have an SPF. My advice is that if you want sun protection whilst wearing this product, apply a moisturiser with SPF or sun protection cream for your face before you apply the foundation. 



This is what Sephora has to say about the product on its website.   more information




3 thoughts on “  Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Review – Sephora 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation in  10 “Light Ivory” 

  1. You’re right about cost vs. usage. I often think twice about buying a product which I could spend less on but actually think spending a little more for a better quality item is well worth it. Like you, it takes me ages to get through concealers /foundations so I now think do it, spend a little more for something better.

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    1. Otherwise you end up being disappointed with the product sometimes. I remember buying an Essence lipgloss because I didn’t want to spend much and it’s turned out to be awful, same with their mascara, but the concealer stick is good.


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