Unconditional Body Beautiful Post 6: Natural Beauty 

Body hair , that is an interesting subject. I suppose I’m fortunate enough that it doesn’t really show on my arms, but my legs are a different matter, because it seems darker there. For me , the management of body hair and personal hygiene have been a problem my whole life, because of the fact that shaving myself is impossible because of dexterity and safety issues because I can easily cut myself with a razor. Someone else has always shaved my body for me, whether it be my mum, Alfredo or a carer . I am unable to hold my arms up high enough for them to be able to do so on my own, so the person helping me has to hold it in position. We seem to have quite a good system going. I am really not great with any type of pain, and so can remember my sister using some hot wax on my legs years ago, and how much that, and wax strips hurt. I have used many products, from creams and strips to wax, , and didn’t particularly like any of them because of the time it took the person to apply them and also because they often had a strong smell. In recent years, I have rediscovered body lotion that have ingredients in which actually make the hair on my legs lighter colour so I have to have them shaved less often, and this is great because it is a quick product to apply but the thing is that I haven’t been able to find him very many shops. I remember using this type of product for the first time in years ago, and the friend I bought then was Johnson and Johnson. Three years ago, I tracked some of this down, but it wasn’t by Johnson & Johnson but instead by Avon. I bought it from my mum’s friend who had been an Avon rep for years. I bought two bottles and quickly used it up. Like the Johnson & Johnson lotion, this lotion had a really nice subtle smell and also a kind of gel– like texture, so it was absorbed into my skin really well, although it was quite thick. Both of the lotion left a fresh feeling on my skin after.

Last year, I got fed up of of searching for these lotions, and decided to try something else. I was in my local pharmacy and saw packets after packets of hair removal cream, and then I saw decolourant cream by Veet. At the time, it was on a buy one get one free offer, and so I bought two packets. I have only just finished the first one. I really like this product, because it is easy for the person who is applying it on me to mix, and has a tube of decolourant cream and one of developing cream. You have two leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off. It smells really great too! Overall, the hair removal products I have used have either been by Nair or Veet, and I have also used to Gillette shaving foams. I always tend to go for feminine or floral scents , and, if I’ve never used a product before, I will always buy the sensitive version to avoid any kind of skin reaction wherever possible. I have bought many different types of razors, from BIC disposable razors to Gilette disposable razors, and they are handy for travelling or holidays for every day, I prefer to spend a little more and buy a full size razor with separate razorblades. .

Again, I tend to go for Gilette razors , and always look for labels such as “aloe vera” or some other natural ingredient because it’s all about trying to care for my skin naturally as possible. I do have quite sensitive skin, and if I’m not careful it gets irritated. I’ll never forget the time when a carer was shaving my underarms and she used a razor blade that was too blunt and I was left with skin irritation for days. If I was to recommend a product, I would definitely recommend the body lotions with decolourant properties, and Gillette or Veet products. Occasionally, if I have been strapped for cash I bought the pharmacy’s own brand, but not very often. When it comes to parts of my body that need special care, only the best brands will do . In terms of deodorant, I like to use Dove because of the amount of moisturiser that it has in it, or Sanex Sensitive because it has natural ingredients.


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