Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic -Review: Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay  

After I got the Naked 3 palette from my parents last year, I was hooked on it. I signed up to get Sephora news through the post, and every so often I get a money off voucher. I saw this palette in the store after not having time to go because of my writing commitments, and knew I HAD to have it. Normally, I’d have thought it expensive, but saw the cute little box and the natural shades and I bought it. Around the time I bought this, I promised myself I wouldn’t buy cheaper brands of cosmetics (apart from  MUA, some items from HEMA and also Essence concealer  if I’m really strapped for cash) because some cheaper brands just don’t have the quality of others like Urban Decay. A year on, and I’m still addicted to it. 

A rundown of shades: 

Venus – a very light cream nude that barely shows up on my skin

Foxy – slightly yellow toned nude 

Walk of Shame (abbreviated to WOS inside the palette) – a pink, almost skin – coloured nude

Naked 2 – a medium tan brown

Faint- a medium dark brown

Crave – a very dark brown


They’re incredibly soft and smooth to apply and are mat colours. I use Venus as a base shadow, and Foxy and Walk of Shame if I want a very nude look for my eyes. Naked 2, Faint and Crave are great for creating a subtle to dark brown smoky eye. I’ll give this 10 out of 10 because of the quality, and the compact is so small you can easily take it anywhere. 
I’ll definitely buy this again!     


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