Happy July! (An Interesting and Fun Day) 

Happy July everyone! Today, both Alfredo and I woke up early because of the heatwave we’ve had recently. Last night, I dictated my first thousand words for this edition of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I added another five hundred today, so I’m off to a good start. I’ve set my word count low this time so that I have time to work on my other projects too, and so my current target is ten thousand words ( about twenty five pages in Times New Roman font, but I might change the font and / or spacing, and then it may work out less depending on what font I use). 

Wanting to take advantage of the weather, we went to the park where Alfredo went running and I enjoyed the sun whilst reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden for the second time. I bought it yep ears ago, and loved the film. The book is just as good if not better because of the small details that are there but not in the film. I’ll write a proper review of the book in another blog post. Tomorrow, we’re off to  the wheelchair shop nearest us so I can talk to them about hopefully trying out the powerchair I want to get as well as the cushion., and talk about accessories to go with it.  I’m pleased the chair is available in purple now 🙂 

If you’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo, good luck! It’s my fourth time, and my sixth overall NaNoWriMo event. If you’re wondering what National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is, it’s a writing contest held by The Office of Letters and Light. There are different editions : November (main event) and April and July (Camp NaNoWriMo). The word limit is ten thousand words upwards for Camp and fifty thousand and up for the November event. 

Find out more: National Novel Writing Month

Camp NaNoWriMo


2 thoughts on “Happy July! (An Interesting and Fun Day) 

  1. Thanks! It has been fun so far- I finished my first draft for Camp NaNoWriMo 5 days in, and so am just editing it now, and working on other writing projects as well as other things I have to do. I hope you have a great month too


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