Review: Will You Love Me? The Story Of My  Adopted Daughter Lucy by Cathy Glass (5 stars)

I bought this  from Audible just two days ago, and from the start, I was gripped by this book. I’ve read other books by Cathy Glass where Lucy was mentioned and once she was more integrated in Cathy’s family, but this is about her beginnings and how she met Cathy and ended up at her house. 

This is the story about Lucy, Cathy’s adopted daughter. Lucy had a really troubled past, and was passed from one house to another. She was bought up by her mother after her father, who is Thai, went off to Thailand following the explanation that his mother was ill. It’s hard to know if this was true or not, as he isn’t trustworthy  and I felt like Lucy’s mum, Bonnie, when she found out. Bonnie lived in a rundown flat above a launderette in a depressed area of town for years, but then managed to excape  the wrath of the landlord, Ivan, a nasty sounding guy who locks the bedroom doors, and doesn’t maintain the squalid flat. Bonnie goes in search of help, and first calls her mother who doesn’t want to help her, or can’t (Bonnie doesn’t know which) and she ends up at her aunt’s house where she and Lucy live some form of normality for awhile. The aunt helps with both their upkeep and finds them a flat of their own. However, it soon becomes clear Bonnie isn’t coping, and Lucy is fostered in families where she doesn’t get on with the family members. At age eleven, she meets Cathy, and her life changes. 

She seems to open up when she meets Cathy and her family. This book is very honestly written as always with Cathy Glass’s books. The book is very sad in some parts, and it was great to read Lucy’s story. I would give this 6 stars as it is such a great and moving read, but it’s a definite five star book. 


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