My Camp NANOWRIMO Journey This July 

Wow, that was a great five days! Busy, but focused and, above all, fun. I knew I wanted to do Camp National Novel Writing Month again, because I did it this April, and wrote a novel called Family Ties, which is a women’s fiction novel. This time though, I wanted to do something different. For a long time, I’d been mulling over the idea of writing poetry, instead of a novel for Camp National Novel Writing Month . 

 I can remember immediately liking poetry when I was first introduced to it by a supply (substitute) teacher at my primary school. Even back then, my favourite part of the school day was when we were either doing silent reading, or being read to by our teacher. 

I have read quite a lot of poetry one way or another in my life, and after one such reading session from the same supply teacher, I found myself going home with a copy of a poetry book, which I read in record time. Since then, I can only remember reading a poetry anthology when I was in Year 10 at secondary school, and then recently downloading a free poetry audiobook, Classic Love Poems performed by Richard Armitage  ( I’ll review this another time) 

I worked on some poetry at school, but since then it didn’t cross my mind to work on another poetry project, until this month’s Camp. I wanted a break from novel planning. and planning for this poetry book wasn’t too hard, I decided on the topics, and decided I wanted it to be personal, and then started dictating my work and tweaking it along the way. 

Here’s my progress

A few days before : I set up my project on the  Camp website with the title, genre and a short synopsis) I set my word count to the minimum for this event (10.000) 

Day 1 (July 1) : 1,000 words

Day 2 (July 2) :1000 words

Day 3 (July 3) : 2.000 words 

Day 4 (July 4) 4, 500 words 

Day 5: (July 5) 1,500 words.

After the first edit. I ended up with 285 words more after the first edit, and my project has ended up so far as a total of 78 pages. 

This is what my  progress graph looks like now  it’s the one on the left, and it’s an interesting shape this time.
 The one on the right is my virtual “cabin’s” progress- the progress of those who I’m working with and who are cheering me along this session. 

I’ll  edit my work again from now on, and keep you up to date on how that’s going. 

Good luck to those of you who are still working on projects this month! I’ll be editing other projects I have, and I have an idea for another one, a book about what’s it like being a  woman in a wheelchair  living in the big city, where I’ll recount my experiences and give tips and advice too. 


5 thoughts on “My Camp NANOWRIMO Journey This July 

      1. There’s always a next time, seeing as the next one’s in November. Fortunately, the spring and summer Camp NaNoWriMo sessions have a 10K minimum word limit as opposed to the 50K for the November event, and the Camp NaNoWriMo word count is flexible. I deliberately chose a shorter project this session although I’m capable of doing longer ones within the month time slot, and have done so before. I’m just busy with other things this month too. Will you be doing the November event? Fancy being writing buddies?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I highly doubt I’d do November. I’ll be in phase II of promoting my first book from September to December. Right now I’m planning that among other things.
        It’s not to late for us to be buddies in this challenge.


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