30 Day Blogging Challenge: Week One Update 

Well, this week has gone pretty quickly I must say! I decided on a whim really to do the 30 day Blogging Challenge again because I wanted to show off my new blog, and  get some more traffic for it. I’m really glad that I’m taking part in the challenge again, and it’s nice to see that my blog, The Glitter Notebook, is getting more traffic. 

Since I started my blog, I have had various comments on the layout and content of it, and they’ve all been positive so far. I am hoping that the rest of the challenge goes well for me too, and that I can maintain interest in my blog afterwards. My feeling is that incorporating various subjects into my blog, not just disability awareness, which was what my old blog was about, is helping me. I’m also very glad that I took the decision to scrap my various separate blogs, which were becoming time-consuming to maintain, and combine everything in one blog so that all the articles on my blog can be found in the same place (so, if you’re wondering where they are, they’ve been deleted). I’m currently in the process of updating some of the best entries from my Blogger  blog, Katherine Hayward my life with Cerebral Palsy and transferring them here, but that one will soon be history too. I know some of you were interested in that one, but I found the scope of the blog too narrow, and wanted to upgrade in the blogging world from Blogger to WordPress, so that’s why I changed blogging platforms. I much prefer how The Glitter Notebook is turning out anyway. 🙂 

 I want to close this post by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has read, or followed, my blog so far, and especially to the people who have joined my blog since I started the 30 day blogging challenge. So, THANKS, and there will be lots more posts coming on this blog, both during the blogging challenge and afterwards. Just to remind you if you forgotten, or to let you know if you’ve just discovered my blog, that my regular blogging schedule is a post about disability awareness, life fashion or something else entirely on a Wednesday, and, on a Sunday, I write a blog post series called Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic, which is more geared towards showing you what I buy when I shop, and also make-up and beauty product reviews.


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