When My Wheels Leave Me Stranded  

Today, far from being a normal day, has been very odd so far. Yesterday, my tyres felt flat on my powerchair, and then the chair wouldn’t move: the wheels were going round and round crazily fast like someone’s arms windmilling, all the while letting out this horrible high-pitched squeaky sound. The chair wasn’t moving at all. So, I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on my bed, which is where I’m writing to you  from now, because the chair still isn’t fixed. Last time this happened, it was fortunate enough that we thought to buy some extra tyres from our local wheelchair supplier  to have as spares just in case this happened again. Alfredo took the tyres to a car mechanic’s shop, and he said patching them up would do, but it wasn’t a permanent solution, and the tyres  would need a complete replacement if it ever happened again. That day, sadly, has come sooner than we expected. Not even Alfredo, with his handyman skills, can fix my chair. It turns out we’ll have to send it to be repaired.  

We were going to go to check out new models of chairs I like today, but had to forget about that for the moment as we have other things to do today.  I’m hoping we can go ASAP though, as its time I had a new set of wheels! I checked the lottery page like I do now and then, and we were very close to winning a small amount. Better luck next time with that too, I suppose. 

Let’s see what the rest of the day brings- here’s hoping good things! 


2 thoughts on “When My Wheels Leave Me Stranded  

  1. WriterInAWheelchair We are ruling issues out at the moment, I have definite punctures though, could be a motor issue too, I’ll see what I can find out. Personally, I find solid tyres bumpy and uncomfortable, and find they don’t dampen vibrations much (I’ve had them on other chairs). The chair kind of leans to one side uh. and the wheels don’t make contact with the floor/ground. I’m not sure about spending very much more on this chair seeing as it’s so old, and I hope that in a few weeks time I’ll have the other one. There is an option of solid tyres with the other one, and also solid tyres with an insert which is supposed to make them give a less bumpy ride, but I know the bumpiness has to do with suspension too.


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