Beauty Blog Challenge Day 2 – Face Cleansing on a Budget: REVIEW- Lidl Cien Clear Cleanser & Cien Clear Facial Toners 

Everyone knows a good daily cleansing routine is a must for soft, supple radiant and healthy skin. You don’t have to have this at a price with the range of cleansing products from budget German supermarket Lidl. The two products I buy most frequently are the cleanser and toner. Over the years, the format of the packaging has changed slightly, from bottles with a flip-up top to a pump lid bottle for the cleanser and a dosage measurement lid for the toner.

Both bottles contain 250ml of product, which is more than you usually get in any cleanser and toner brand. They’re great value for money too, at just 1,59€ each! 



This product is a cleansing milk, and so has a thickish consistency, not unlike Nivea’s cleanser. 


Soft, due to silk extract. Slightly oily, so use a small amount – for me, the slight oiliness is a good thing, because it helps clean away dirt, makeup and grime that have accumulated in your pores during the day or night.. I use cotton wool pads to apply mine. 

Skin type: 



Lotus flower and silk 


Apply using a cotton wool pad all over your face and neck. It says it can be used for the eyes too, but I find it too strong because of the alcohol. It doesn’t irritate my skin which is what I like about it.
Lidl offers two types of toner, which are recognisable by colour. The blue one is for normal skin, while the pink is fragrance-free, and for dry/ sensitive skin. I have tried both. 

I’ll start with the Normal Skin version (blue) 



Fragrance : Lotus flower, slightly stronger than the cleanser’s fragrance. 

Skin type:



Apply after cleansing using a cotton wool pad all over your face and neck.Don’t rinse.  

 Dry/ sensitive skin version (Pink) 



Fragrance :
 Fragrance free 

Skin type: 

Dry/ sensitive 
Apply after cleansing using a cotton wool pad all over your face and neck.Don’t rinse.

The products are good, and I have bought them time and time again for years now. The downside is that, even with the new dosage lids, if you press the top more than three times, you lose product. They are much better than the amount of product lost with the old lids, as they avoid the need to pick the bottle up and tip it to get the product out. Both products do contain alcohol, so avoid them if you get a reaction. 
Product rating: 9/ 10
I’m getting really low on the cleanser and the dry/sensitive skin toner. I’ll buy those again, but not the toner for normal skin because the fragrance is too strong and irritates my skin. I NEVER use either product to remove my eye makeup, because they sting my eyes. For that, I use Micellar water, I’ll review this product in another post. 



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