The Glitter Notebook Beauty Product Blog Challenge Day 3- Waterproof Mascara Comparison Post 

Welcome to day three of my beauty product mini  challenge! 

Summer is in full swing, and with all that heat, fresh air and trips to the pool, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to make sure your mascara can tough out the challenge. At this time of year, and also in autumn/ fall, I always buy waterproof mascara, as it resists humidity and moisture better than mascara that isn’t waterproof. 

The two products I’ll compare are Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Waterproof Mascara in Black and Volume Waterproof Maacara in Grey by HEMA. 

Essence All Eyes On Me Multi Effect Waterproof Mascara in Black



Fun packaging 

Dries out fast, doesn’t last long- it lasted me two out of the six months of its useable life. When the mascara was very used and the applicator made a small clicking sound when inserted into the tube, so I knew it was at the bottom, I had to try and remove the product from the sides of the tube. The product was still good quality at this point, despite the time I’d had it for – see texture. 

Good size for travelling- 8 ml/ 0.27 fl oz.


Not worth €2.50.

Claims to give lashes “volume, curl length and separation. ” 

The brush is thin for a volumising mascara, so you have to use more than one coat, allowing each to dry fully first. 

Texture: quite uniform, even when near the end of the product. Use an eyelash curler first to guard against clumps. 

Those with better eyesight than me will be able to notice the result this mascara gives. By running my finger under my lashes, I’d say the curl and separation it gives is subpar, and that effect is mostly down to my eyelash curlers. Coverage is buildable. In terms of how waterproof it is, it seems to have fairly good staying power, just pooling a little under my lower lids when I used water from a spray bottle to simulate rain, but not majorly running down my face, which suggests most of the product stays on the lashes, and that the excess can easily be removed with a gentle eye make up remover and a cotton wool pad. 

This mascara It doesn’t irritate my eyes. I have sensitive eyes. 

I like the size of the tube, but the ease with which the mascara ends up clumping and the fact this mascara didn’t give much of a result was disappointing. 

Find out more about this,  and other products in the Essence cosmetics range, at
Volume Waterproof Mascara in Grey (HEMA)
I’d been looking for a grey mascara for years, and I’ve tried many mascara colours in my lifetime. 

Black: Classic, but sometimes a bit of a harsh contrast with my eye colour. 

Navy Blue: brings out my eyes 

Plum: my favourite shade and it contrasts well with my eyes. 

Brown: natural, contrasts well with my eyes. 

The HEMA Volume Waterproof mascara in Grey was a surprise find – grey is an unusual colour, and I wanted an alternative to black. Black looks sophisticated, but I think it looks harsh in comparison to my eye colour- grey is slightly more subtle. 


It has black- coloured packaging, quite sophisticated looking for a budget makeup product.
9ml for 4,25€/ £4.25. 


 The brush is thin for a volumising mascara, so, like with Essence’s mascara, a few coats must be applied (I apply two or three). The brush distributes the product well onto it when you dip the brush into the container, and comes out with no clumps. 

Very smooth colour, no clumping with or without having used an eyelash curler. Looks more natural than black. This is JUST a mascara for volume, it doesn’t separate lashes or curl them, so if you want that added effect, use an eyelash curler for a few seconds first before applying the product. 

This mascara passed the test with flying colours, and the product didn’t budge at all when I sprayed my face and eyelids with water from the spray bottle! 🙂 It doesn’t irritate my eyes either. This is a crucial factor for me, as my eyes are sensitive. 



Absolutely none! 


 Great product, a sophisticated alternative to a classic black mascara, which has a lovely texture, applies well, and is very waterproof. A great bargain mascara for under a fiver! I’ll be buying this by the bucketlload! This product is available instore and online at can find your nearest store there too. 


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