Beauty Product Mini Challenge:Day 4 – FashionistA Customisable Makeup Palette (Red) 

Three years ago, I became interested in the trend for customisable make-up palettes, and bought this off

FashionistA is a range that is made up of eyeshadows bronzers and brushes, they’re sold separately, at £4 each. 

Back when I bought my palate, the range had so many products, but now unfortunately, the website only has a handful of products. The pallete I have is the red one (there was a choice of red or black) 

and the palette itself cost £6. I bought this product not only because I was interested in the trend, but also because it was around the time when I decided that I would only buy eyeshadows in compacts, so as not to have lots of single eyeshadows cluttering up my make up bag. I would previously always just by any eyeshadow I like to come that regardless of whether it was in a pallet or sold individually.I also thought that this would be a better way of keeping the products together, and I was right – the compact is very thin, light and very flat, so it’s very easy to take anywhere with you. There a handy mirror inside a and slots for four products. At the moment, I have the Double Baked eyeshadow in Cosmic, which is dark grey with fucsia pigments, Autumn Glow which is a shimmery copper eyeshadow. The bright pink eyeshadow is called Brave , and the blusher is Cinnamon Spice. 

I have other blushers in the following shades, too, they are :

Juicy Apricot 



The bronzers I have  are 


and Dubai.   

As customisable make-up pallets are such a trend, I have seen other brands such as Urban decay or MUA sell them too, which is just as well. Sadly, since I bought these, Superdrug doesn’t seem to have nearly the range of FashionistA   makeup it once did, I was planning on buying some more shades to add to my palette, but this is all they have FashionistA products- Superdrug

Based on this link, here are the products I’d love to buy at some point: 

Blusher in New York  and nail varnish in Winter’s Day. 

  If anyone reading this is interested in FashionistA products and knows where to find more of a range than is in the link I posted above , I’d love to know, I had thought Superdrug were the one and only stockists of this range though. I really hope I’m wrong, I love the textures and colours of the products. 

I’d also love to hear your experiences with FashionistA makeup products. 


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