Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Review – Sephora Medium  Make up Bag Palette 

This has thirty three eyeshadows, in different finishes, from shiny to matt to glitter in neutral,  bright as well as dark colours. It has four blushes in different shades and two bronzers it also has six lipgloses, in shades from transparent to bright and three cream eyeliners. It has its own mirror, and what I love about the packaging is that it is in the same shape as a Sephora store bag , even with the red rope handles! It looks really cute. I got this as a gift from my auntie and cousins who live in the USA. Thanks very much Jane, Meaghan  and Sarah! 

The pallete is very versatile, and the blurb on the website claims that you can get over 100 colour combinations with the products that are in it.Sephora website

 I like all the neutral colours and the pink and purple colours, as well as the bright orange, and the shadow that is a dark turquoise/teal colour, but I very rarely use the blue/green shades.
 The only downside I can see to this palette is that it doesn’t come with brushes, so you have to use your own ones. I use simple, mini sponge applicators , because I find that each eyeshadow compartment is too small for anything else to be able to fit. You can, however, use a standard lipbrush for the lip glosses. The lip glosses were the first products that I used because they are the most sensitive to changes in temperature, and started to melt when I first started using the palate a couple of years ago and the weather got warm.

With the blushers , you have a choice of dark pink to quite bright pink and then a neutral pink too . The bronzers are a light shade of bronze or a darker shade, and I find they are a good alternative to blusher in the summer, or if you want to add a different type of radiance to your skin.
 This product has a good range of shadow colours if that’s what you’re looking for, although personally, I tend to stick to more neutral colours ( nudes, browns creams beiges) and only occasionally use bright pink, purple orange or turquoise, so once this is finished I won’t renew it for that reason. It does make a great gift though, and is the ideal size for travelling, because it is so compact. Another advantage of this product is that it’s great if you want to get an idea of the colour range of Sephora collection eyeshadows, especially because they cost in the region of €10 per shadow, so I treated this product as a kind of a ” trial test run” for the different shadow colours before buying the larger pots of the ones that I like most. I would also recommend this palette for anyone who is just starting out learning about make-up and make-up techniques, because it has such a range of products that you can easily experiment with different looks and colours.

Favourite colours for day look : lighter pinks and lilacs , browns nudes. 

If I’m feeling adventurous: hot pink bright orange.

Nighttime: glamour: teal, dark grey, black with silver glitter, khaki green with silver glitter, navy blue with silver glitter dark purple with silver glitter.

Least favourite colours: bright blue, pale blue and lime green, because they don’t contrast at all well with my blue eyes. .

Colours that I would wear at a push: khaki green

Blusher: light pink

Bronzer : both shades available in the palette


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