The Glitter Notebook Beauty Product Mini Blog Challenge: Day 5- Essence Stay With Me Lipgloss in 07 Kiss Kiss. 


One day some months ago, I decided I wanted to buy a lipgloss. I don’t buy glosses often, as they dry my already-dry lips out, although I always wear a layer of lip balm underneath. I wanted a more sheer look than a lipstick. It had been quite an expensive week one way or another, and my writing was going well so I fancied a treat. My budget cosmetics range of choice are either MUA (Superdrug or and, quite recently, the German brand Essence. I’ve tried various products of theirs, from eyeshadows and eyeshadow applicators to concealers, and, most recently, shine-control papers. I’ll review all these products in another post, but for now let’s talk about the lipgloss. 

Stay With Me lipgloss is available in a variety of colours, and, as with clothes or my wheelchairs, I choose classic colours that won’t age, so I can keep using the colour once makeup trends change. I chose the red shade which is called Kiss Kiss. 

To me, Essence’s packaging has a young, carefree, slightly graffiti/ Rock look. Kiss Kiss comes in a 7ml tube, with a well-shaped and good sized applicator. The colour is a very bright red. The texture is quite thick, so don’t use much, and blot the excess with a tissue. The gloss, despite being a cheap product, gives a high level of shine and lasts well. The drawback is the slight flavour it has, which I felt left a nasty aftertaste, and the texture of the gloss was quite sticky. The advantage with this product is that this didn’t matter too much because of the tube’s applicator. Whenever I buy glosses (which isn’t often), I prefer to buy tubes of gloss with applicators – not only are they easier for me to hold than a tub of gloss or squeezy tube, but the advantages are that with a tube with an applicator, you don’t get the mess you do with other formats- glosses in tubes are often hard or impossible for me to grasp/ open, and product can coat the sides of the container, making the whole thing greasy. If the product is greasy or melts, this seals the pot shut. If you have these kinds of problems, then I’d suggest you avoid this gloss packaging format. That said, pots of gloss can be more portable due to their smaller size, but I find gloss tubes just as portable as they’re narrower than pots, and take up less space in my bag. 

Rating: 2/10


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