The Glitter Notebook Beauty  Product Mini Challenge Day 6: Review-  Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain in 03 Pink essence and 06 Coral extract 

 I tried Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain for the first time about a year ago and usually, I got a wearable , classic shade, just in case I didn’t like the colour. Back then, the shade I chose was Shade 03, Pink essence. 
 What attracted me to the product was its sleek, black packaging, characteristic of the Sephora Collection range of products. I heard about the product because I get details of Sephora products through the mail, and this was advertised on one of the leaflets as it was a new product. There was no price , so I looked on the website, and it cost 12.50€/14$. The U.S. site doesn’t seem to stock this shade, but you can find it on
  I was lucky, because my parents came to visit, and we went out shopping. Mum treated me to it, and a nail varnish, also from Sephora, and the brand Sephora Collection. For now, I’ll just tell you the name of the nail varnish: it’s Blue Pink, and I’ll review it in another blog post. 

A few months later, I went back to Sephora, and bought the Lip Stain in 06 Coral extract,

 as I loved Pink essence so much. I’m at the end of the tube of Pink essence now, and saved the Coral extract  for summer, and am using it now.   
The lip stain comes with an applicator, and the end of the product has a colour-coded sticker on it, as all lip products do. On and, there are colour swatches. I looked there first before selecting this colour. Both shades I have so far are on the French site, but the U.S. site doesn’t have shade 03 Pink essence,  so if you want that one, you’ll have to get it from the French site or another country’s Sephora site. 

Both shades I currently have: Pink essence and Coral extract 



 I also see there’s a “Nudes” range (see above picture) so I might check them out too! :)Shades I’d love to buy from the nudes range are Peach Peony, Petal and Dusty Rose.

Here are the full range of colours in the whole Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain range 


Shade 03: Pink essence



The first thing that comes to mind is the vintage-esque hue of this lip stain, and it combines with my skin tone well. It’s a great product to pair with a dark smoky eye, as this gives a good contrast.   
The texture is soft and creamy, a little thicker than a lip gloss texture, and is feather-light when applied. The advantage is, it’s not at all sticky or gloopy like some lipgloss can be. 
Application. product goes on wet, but dries within seconds.

 Coverage: natural, vintage look. 

Shade 06 Coral extract


This pink is brighter, and I feel livens up my complexion. It has all the same benefits as the other shades in the range, and you apply it in the same way. 
Doesn’t dry my lips, which is a blessing, as I find it so hard to find lipsticks and lip products which don’t. 

TIP: blot this product  as you would a normal lipstick if you want a more subtle colour, but don’t layer the product on, as it will cake if you do. It’s a lip stain, so is meant to be used sparingly. 

Verdict 10/10             

All images © 2015. All Rights Reserved. 


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