The Glitter Notebook Beauty Product Mini Challenge Day 7: Eyeshadow Primer Review and Comparison  

If you’ve never used one before , the whole point of an eyeshadow primer is to fix eyeshadow onto your eyelids, end give it more staying power, therefore making it last longer than an eyeshadow would usually last without primer. Up till now , I have tried four eyeshadow primer brands: Make Up Academy, Urban decay HEMA and Essence. An eyeshadow primer acts like a foundation for your eyelids, that’s the way I think of it, anyway. The product is kind of like a lifesaver for me really because for years, I was trying to give my eyeshadow more staying power by applying it either wet to my eyelids, or applying a layer of pressed face powder before the eyeshadow. However, I soon gave up on this idea, because I realised that it didn’t really work very well. Eyeshadow primers have been around for a couple of years now (I bought my first one about three or four years ago), and I’ve never looked back since. There are, however, advantages and disadvantages to each eyeshadow primer, so choose carefully.

Just a word of advice first, as with foundation, what you ought to do with eyeshadow primer is test the shade first if you can on the back of your hand to see how it matches your skin tone. Try and choose that as close as possible to your skin tone, because that will help when you have to blanket, sheets nearer to your skin tone will blend in better than ones that aren’t the right colouralso be aware that not all brands have more than one shade of eyeshadow primer, so some can be quite limited to the range of shades they have.
OK, enough advice, let’s get on with testing the eyeshadow primer!

The eyeshadow I’m using is glitter shad 06, by Sephora Collection. It’s turquoise with silver glitter, and I got it on sale a couple of years ago.


I used two or three coats on my hand, and two in the pictures as it’s quite q light turquoise, and I wanted it to show up. 

First up, is Essence ‘s  I  Love Stage Eyeshadow Primer.

I  bought this one a whim really just to see what it was like. The packaging is very similar to the lip glosses by the same make up brand, (see my  Essence Stay With Me  Lipgloss post) and the primer comes with an applicator that is similar to that of a lipgloss or stick concealer. The product costs £2.99/€2.99. 

Shades available: 1

Number of times bought: 1

Tubes used: 1

Consistency: thick, even when a small amount of product is used. 

Easy to blend: No 

Blends well: It is much too yellow-toned for my pale skin, and I’d suggest it if you have yellow-toned skin. The contrast on my skin was terrible, and it took ages to blend in, and never really disappeared into my skin. Unfortunately, I tried the product before I started this blog, and I have no pictures of how it looks,  Here’s a link to the website though Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

Rating: 1/10
Next, MUA Pro Base Eyeshadow Primer 


This product also comes with a stick applicator, and costs £2.29. It’s available either from Superdrug stores, or This is the cheapest eyeshadow primer I’ve found so far that is actually a great match for my skin tone

Here’s what the primer looks like alone 

Here’s the primer with eyeshadow

Consistency: It is a light, fluid texture, and feels creamy on my lids. 

Shades available: 2

Number of times bought: 3 

Number of tubes used:3 

Easy to blend: yes

Blends well: yes, perfect skin tone match for me .

Rating 10 out of 10
 HEMA Eyeshadow Base 


The above photos are the primer with, and without shadow. 

Like the other products, this is available with a stick applicator, and costs £4.25/€4.25.

Shades available: 1

Number of times bought:3

Number of tubes used: 3

Consistency: a light, fluid texture. Quite white-looking in appearance, subtle pearly texture. 

Easy to blend: Fairly 

Blends well: This takes some blending because of the white-silvery texture, and stands out a lot on my skin tone.

 Within a few seconds of blending with an eyeshadow applicator, it is totally absorbed into my skin, though, and gives a nice finish. 
Rating: 8/10. I would have liked this product even more if there had been more shades available, and if it was slightly easier to blend than it is.
Urban Decay Primer Potion : Eden. 




 This is very well known amongst makeup artists and beauty lovers alike. It’s available in a squeezy tube, and costs €20/£16. You can get a travel-sized 6ml tube for £8. This primer is in all good depertment stores, and on the Urban Decay website.

Shades available: 4 

The shade I’m using for the purpose of this blog post is Eden, a nude shade. 

Number of times bought: 0- I used samples that came with the Naked 3 Palette, also by Urban Decay.

Number of tubes used: 0- see above explanation. 

Consistency: like a second skin foundation, very soft.

Easy to blend: yes: the “original” and “Eden” shades are perfect from my skin tone. 

Urban Decay Primer potion without, and with eyeshadow applied. 

Blends  well: yes, this is what it looks like on my skin  

 Rating: 10 out of 10


So, which are the best of the eyeshadow primers in my opinion? The one I like most is the Urabn Decay Primer Potion by far, because of the second-skin feel, and the colour range, as well as what it’s like when blended. The worst thing about this product is the price, but I’d pay it, because Urban Decay products are worth every penny. 

Coming in a close second is  Make Up Academy’s (MUA) Pro Base Eye Primer, which is great value for money if I’m strapped for cash, and a great skin match for me. 

At a push, I’d buy HEMA’s Eyeshadow Primer again, for example if the other brands I mention were sold out, but I find its blendability, and white colouring, not great. 

I definitely wouldn’t buy Essence’s primer again, because it’s too thick, and totally the wrong colour for my skin. 

If you want to know more about how I got on with this primer , then have a look at my Urban Daecay Primer Potion Challenge updates in this blog 🙂 


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