Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Sephora and HEMA Makeup and Beauty Product Haul

Over the past month, I’ve been trying to make my products last, as I always do, but even more so this month because Alfredo is working  a few more hours to help cover the summer shift, and, with everything else we have to do, we’ve been pushed a bit  for time. We managed to find some time this Friday, as we were both up early. After a quick check through my beauty drawer and makeup bag to see what I needed (and also wanted- because, for a  a make up and beauty junkie like me, treating myself at times is just ESSENTIAL). 

We went straight up to HEMA, and I looked through the products there, being careful not to choose the products I’ll mention in a blog post I’ll write very soon about the ten products I won’t buy again- and selected what I thought I might like to try. 

1. It’s My Beautiful Skin Day Cleanser with Cucumber for Dry/ Sensitive Skin  250ml 2€

2. It’s My Beautiful Skin Day Toner for Normal/ Combinarion Skin 250ml 2€

3. It’s My Beautiful Skin Day Night Cream for All Skin Types 75ml 2€ 

I bought 4. Garnier Hydra Adapt Moisturiser for Dull/ Tired Skin 50ml 5,95 from another shop. 

I also bought more of 5. HEMA Eyeshadow Primer 11ml 4,50€ to have in case I don’t get to buy another eyeshadow base- if you’ve read my eyeshadow base comparison post, you’ll know it’s quite a good product. 

Browsing the makeup aisle, I saw the Metallic  Eye Mousse in different shades. I already have it in Nude, and you’ll see I reviewed it on this blog already. The colour I like is a light grey. I quickly realised there’s no room in my makeup bag, so I couldn’t buy it. I’ve taken to “lightening my load” in terms of the size and amount of makeup and makeup bags I have, and only have small ones. More on that philosophy in another post 🙂 

We then went to Sephora, because I wanted to look at the sales stuff and also buy more Rouge Infusion Lip Stains. 

I bought: 

6. Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain Dusky  in Rose 12,50 €

 7. Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain  in Petal 12,50€ 

I was on my way to the till when I saw this HUGE bin full of none other than Colour Hit Nail Varnishes! So, I searched for the grey shade I’d been coveting for at least the past few months. Alfredo saw it and rescued it from the sales bin for me. Yes, it was the EXACT shade I was looking for, Shade L76, ” Fifth Avenue!” That’s that ticked off the list then 🙂 

8. Sephora Colour Hit Nail Varnish in L76 “Fifth Avenue” 

Recently, I read a blog post about how someone’s mum had bought loads of beauty products from Carrefour on a whim, and how they were similar in price to Lidl’s Cien Clear Cleanser and Toner, which I reviewed recently, so I bought them to try. I felt I had nothing to lose, as they came to only 2€ for TWO PRODUCTS! 
9.  Carrefour Cleansing Milk 250ml 1€ 

10. Carrefour Toner 250ml  1€ 

11. Finally, I got two free samples of Algenist Algae Brightening Mask  with everything I bought  from Sephora. 

As I use the products, I’ll review them here, but for now that’s all for this post. 

Have a great Sunday! 


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