Influential People: Gabriel García Márquez 

Strange how the past can catch up with you at times when you least expect it- I’ve been asked to do some pre-course reading for Futurelearn’s Reading Macondo course, which is based on the books of Gabriel García Márquez, Who wrote, amongst other books, No One Writes To The Colnel. At least downloadable PDF versions exist. This book was required reading for me at school during A’Level Spanish. I had a copy where one page was in English, the opposite page in Spanish, but, me being “me”, I just read the Spanish pages. The teacher says the English version is OK because Futurelearn is from the UK, but, me going that little bit further, I’ll be reading all the books in Spanish. Luckily the difficulty level is when reading in Spanish is immaterial for me. 

During the course,  we have to read, and do work on: 

Leaf Storm (1955)

No One Writes to the Colonel (1961)

Big Mama’s Funeral (1962)

 In Evil Hour (1962)

 One Hundred Years of Solitude (1967)
I spent the last week reading the PDF of Leaf Storm, and managed to finish the first week of the course today.   What i like about his writing is the way the scenes  and characters are well written, and the style is such that I was absorbed by the plot. 

If  you want to know more about Gabriel García Márquez, see here


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