30 Day Blogging Challenge 2015: Final  Post 

Well, I can’t believe that a month ago I started this challenge for the second time. This time though, I decided I would enter the challenge with my new WordPress blog, The Glitter Notebook. At the beginning of May this year, I started blogging on this blog twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday. I’ve been happy with it since I started it, because I wanted to create a blog with posts on many different topics, not just disability – related stuff, which was mostly what my last blog was about. I suppose I wanted to show the world that there is more to me than my disabilities, a pretty simple message when you think about it, and also one that many bloggers with disabilities try to put across, but we all do it in our own unique way.

 During this month I’ve had a great time, I’ve had comments on my blog, looked at other people’s blog posts and commented on them, and just written the best blog posts that I could have written in a month . I have pushed myself to include more pictures, more links,even the odd video and generally make each blog post more visual than just a ” wall of text”

When I created my blog, I invested quite a lot of time in choosing a theme and layout that I liked, and just generally trying to make it look as appealing as possible to people, and I always find the time to include pictures on every post, which is something that I didn’t always do on my last one. I’m really glad I started my new blog and made these changes to it.

As is tradition when I do the 30 day blog challenge, I always finish my last post with a breakdown of my blog’s stats for the month, so here it is:

Day started: July 1, 2015

Day finished: July 30, 2015

Blog posts : 30

Total comments:25

Total blog likes during the challenge: 20 

Total followers to my blog since I started the challenge who are already on WordPress:10

Total Followers via email since I started the challenge:1

Most popular day for likes on my blog : July 26

Most popular day for follows on my blog: July 26

Thanks for making  this post my most popular post! It was great fun to work on. 

Other Stats 
I would like to continue writing regularly on my blog, and would love to know how often I should post. I realise that this is ultimately up to me because it’s my blog, but I’ve realised that during the 30 day blog challenge, by writing every day, I’ve got quite a lot of interest in my blog. The options are, to do as I was doing with a post twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday, or write a post every day. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section .

Huge thanks go out to Sarah and Kevin, as well as all my new subscribers, and everyone who took the time to read all comment on my blog throughout the challenge good luck to the rest of you who are still doing the challenge, and for those of you who are reading this blog but have never done the 30 day blog telling, I would really recommend it.


8 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge 2015: Final  Post 

  1. Well done on completing the challenge! I am on Day 22 and have learned a lot. I am hoping that with the skills I’ve learned I will be able to write really good blog posts more frequently. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Kudos to you! It’s so easy to tell you put a lot of work & heart into your posts.
    I am starting the 30 challenge next week, when I complete the challenge I plan to blog regularly 2-3 times per week.
    For me, I think a blog post everyday is a tremendous amount of work & time, especially since I make the products I sell. But if you’re blogging for a living I think a post every day is quite appropriate.
    Congrats on completing the challenge!


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