Review: Kiko Make up Milano purifying mask (55 mL)

 Kiko Makeup Milano has a whole range of facemasks for different types of skin, and different skin problems. On my birthday last year, I went on a shopping spree at Kiko make up Milano, and the purifying face mask was one of the products that my partner bought me as a birthday present. I have had this mask for almost 8 months now, and there are maybe a couple of applications left, but it’s practically finished. What I like about the mask is that it is a two-in-one scrub mask, and so perfect for a weekly treatment. I use it once a week myself, but I suppose if your skin is really oily it may be best if you use it twice a week. The downside is that the tube is smaller than many other facemask tubes, and only contains 55 mL of product. In terms of presentation, this product, and all the other products in the Kiko make-up Milano range are better presented than other products, because they come in boxes. 

 As Kiko Makeup Milano classes a facemask a “treatment “on their website, this range and also will be other treatments that the shop offers come with an instruction leaflet on how to use them, and information on all the other products in the range that the particular product belongs to. I like these extra details.
The facemask is quite thick , and goes on well, but is messy to get off because the product disintegrates as it comes off . This is because the grains that make up the scrub are quite large. Despite this, the product does not irritate my skin. The thing that really put me off this product they was be strong, but creamy almond smell that the product has (not at all like the nice smell some products which use almonds, or almond oil, have). 

I  really don’t like this smell, but because each product in Kiko Make Up Milano is also cellophane-wrapped, It’s nice that the company make an effort, and more effort than most, with the way their products are presented. 
  it was impossible to try the product before I bought it, as there were no testers. It also doesn’t say anything about the smell on the box. 

The product cost €5.50, which is more than what I would usually spend on a face mask of this size, but it was my birthday so I thought that I wanted to buy the product as I was looking for a face mask for when my skin gets slightly more oily and I had never tried facemasks by this brand before.
I don’t think I’ll be buying the product again because of the strong smell and also the difficulty with getting the product off my skin. I might try more facemasks in the range in the future.

: 3/10 


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