Review: One by One Volum’ Express  Mascara by Maybelline in Satin Black

Very colourful packaging, good sized brush. it goes on well. It lasts well and has a creamy texture. 

 This product gets 10 out of 1O from  me. 

Here’s what it looks like on

  The brush shape and size is the ideal one I think for a volumising mascara, in fact, many of Maybelline’s mascaras that are volumising have this brush. The great thing about it is that it coats the lashes properly, and ensures there are no clumps, whereas I’ve found that with “Volumising” mascaras with slightly narrower brushes, it’s necessary to apply a few coats to get the same look. With this, I didn’t have to: one coat is enough for the product to look great, as the product is quite thick. More than one coat, and it seems too much. 

I couldn’t find any downsides to this mascara, and I’ve had it for months. It’s just about to finish and still applies really well, and hasn’t dried at all. 

Colour Swatch 

This is what the mascara looks like. It’s a waterproof version. 

I bought it for about €10 last November when there was a department store promotion on all cosmetics. It’s been worth it. 

This is how my lashes look without the mascara on. 

I’ll definitely get this again! 


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