Another Powerchair Prescribed (And Other Things We Got Up To Today) 

Today, Alfredo and I went up to the hospital so that I could get a new prescription for a power chair.  We were running a bit late so caught a taxi, and arrived at the hospital but had to wait quite a while. 

We were pleased to see that the doctor that I was booked to see reacted in a better way than in the past, and was more laid-back and relaxed. For some months now, I have been considering the possibility of getting pressure mapping done.For those who don’t know, pressure mapping is a technique where a wheelchair user sits on a possible cushion which is connected to electrodes. This is connected to computer software which shows where your pressure points are when you’re sitting down. The aim of this is not only that you as a wheelchair user can know where they are, but it also helps when you have to choose a new cushion. 

From the results, I will be able to better judge which cushion will be supportive for me and help reduce pressure points rather than just buying a cushion and hoping for the best based on my initial feelings of comfort because of being on a new cushion. wheelchair cushions can be quite expensive, so I think that having the test done will hopefully help me when I choose one. Over the years, I’ve used all different types of cushions: foam, gel, foam and gel combined and air. 

It’s been. very hard finding a place that could do pressure mapping. Lots of small clinics do for cyclists and runners, but don’t have the equipment or expertise to do the test for anyone else. Another clinic said they only had a bench with no side  or back support which wouldn’t have been OK for me because of my sitting balance (I slip and slide when I’m sitting). 

 The doctor listened to us, and filled in the paperwork really quickly. Now I have the papers up-to-date I can’t wait to go shopping to get my new chair! 

I’ll be back at the hospital on August 28 (which just so happens to be my mum’s birthday) so that I can talk to another rehab doctor about us getting transport to the specialist hospital where they can do the test , as we don’t have a car and it’s really far away. I’ll then know when I’ll actually be going to the hospital to have the pressure mapping test done.

On the way back, we got the bus and went to a few shops and a supermarket  which we thought didn’t have wheelchair access, but actually does 🙂 I bought some cleansers and eye make up removers which I’ll review soon here. 

All in all, a good day really, we are pleased the appointment went so well. I’ll keep you posted as to how the other appointment,  wheelchair shopping, and pressure mapping go. 


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