Review: Sephora  Collction Eyeliner And Mascara in Sassy Silver 

I bought this product on sale last year, and because it was 3 €, I decided to buy it in gold as well. I had been looking for a silver glitter mascara for years, and decided to buy this. After having used all of the same product in   VIP Gold,

 I have the silver one left, and I’m pretty disappointed with it. 

First off, the mascara wand is much too thin for me to be  able to apply it as a mascara


To solve this problem, I used a leftover mascara wand from an old mascara. I always tend to keep different mascara wands so that I can use them again
The second problem is the flyaway glitter particles, they’re large and get into my eyes. They go everywhere, but this is mostly down to my coordination I think. Still, they are very flyaway and not very compact. The overall effect is quite a sparkly product, which looks nice on my skin, but when I tried it on my eyes, I could barely see it. 

This picture of the product in VIP Gold, shows the applicator in more detail.


When I bought the product, it was well-sealed with cellophane, and there was no tester. I thought I’d risk it anyway, 


 I like the colour, but that’s about the only thing I do like about this product after trying it out. 
The glitter particles stand out quite well when I test the product, but my eyesight isn’t good enough to see what it looks like on my eyes. 

The product as a mascara (first photo- I used two coats). The second photo is the product as an eyeliner (again, two coats were applied). 

 I won’t be buying this again, and even if I did like the product enough to buy it, I wouldn’t pay full price for it.  Of the two, I think I prefer the VIP Gold.  This kind of product reminds me very much of another I tried years ago- Glam Eyes Liner by Collection 2000. I bought that in Black, Purple and Gold. I’ll review that here if I end up buying it again. 

: 1/5 


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