Borghese Satin Shadow Milano Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Sheer Mist. 


In Autumn 2013, my Gran and auntie sent me a Borghese gift bag. Inside, it had illuminating foundation, mascara in black, eyeliner in grey three- eyeshadow- palette and a lipgloss. So far, I have used up every product apart from the eyeliner and eyeshadows. I have kept the bag, which has a mirror and store my lipsticks in it, because it’s the perfect size, and so prettyjust my style! Here’s what the gift bag looked like when I first got it.



Because I’ve used up some products, and they’re usually sold separately on the Borghese site, I’ll review each product I use, so that if you read this and think you like the look of a product, you can head over to the site to buy it.

Let’s start with the eyeshadow palette.
This little palette is very compact, and it has a small eyeshadow applicator brush and blending brush, as well as a mirror. Personally, I really like how the palette looks. Each eyeshadow has the logo on it. The palette originally comes with a plastic protector covering the eyeshadows, but I have taken that off so that I can get to the shadows easier.
Eyeshadow one – cream

A great base shadow

Eyeshadow two – light brown

A great neutral, light brown colour

Eyeshadow three – dark brown

Use to blend into the eye crease area.



The eyeshadow itself is a soft, powder shadow that blends well. It looks the same as a lot of other shadows that are the same colour. To me, the palette is compact, and the shadows seem good quality.

Verdict: 6/10


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