Review: Collection 2000 Kohl Eyeliner in  29 Purple  Passion 

I’ve had this a few years, and have used it on and off. I love everything purple, so decided to try it. I hadn’t bought any Collection 2000 makeup since secondary school and I bought it on a day when I didn’t have too much money. Collection 2000 has had a bit of an image overhaul over the years, but still maintains its low prices. I can remember buying it in Savers Pharmacy before, but when I bought this I found it in Boots. The packaging is simple. 
The texture is creamy, but I noticed it crumbled a little. That’s where this product loses points in my opinion. That and the colour, which, from the packaging, I thought was going to be brighter than it was. On my pale skin, you can barely see it. It is quite nice if you’re going for a really subtle dark  lilac colour though or if you’re someone who is just starting to experiment with makeup.
In my opinion, this product is a waste of £1.99, and very disappointing. 

Verdict 1/10


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