Review: Sephora Collection 8 Hour Mattifying Powder Foundation in light # 21 (Petal) 

I’ve really been looking forward to reviewing this, because I really like it. I have had it for a couple of months now, and bought it when I was running out of foundation. The compact is really streamlined, and I love the sleek black colour. When it’s opened up, you can see the powder foundation and next to it , you get a contoured make-up sponge. The compact also has a mirror. This compact cost me €11. 95 which is about average for a compact from Sephora. I don’t mind paying this price because it is good quality. The compact is also so slim that it is really easy to just slip into a make up bag and you can take it anywhere with you. As I just use a little every time I use it, I have a feeling this will last me for a long time! I’ll keep the compact and make-up sponge too. It’s so versatile as a 2-in 1 product that you don’t need to worry about using separate foundation and powder instead. I’m never usually one to use 2- in -1 products, but this really does a great job and mattifies well as giving great coverage with just a few sweeps of product. If you choose the right shade, it blends really well, too. Sephora’s shades of makeup bases, powders and powder foundations are always classified into Light Medium or Dark, depending on your skin tone, and within that you choose which shade matches your skin best. I was going to go for the lightest shade, but from experience I with other products I know that shade is usually too pale for my skin, although my skin is fair, I ended up buying a shade a few shades darker than the lightest one in the range, and the colour looks perfect on me. 
Coverage: buildable

Finish: Matte and oil free- it keeps oil at bay for 8 hours. 

Texture: light and extremely comfortable to wear
Verdict 10 out of 10 This is becoming another of my favourite products and I’ll definitely buy it again! 

Find out more and choose YOUR perfect shade here


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