Algae  brightening mask by Algenist  Challenge Day 1. 

I got two samples of this with my last purchase from Sephora and so I thought that I would try it out. I tried it yesterday for the first time , and I’m quite pleased with the result this mask has given me so far.

 The mask is made from natural algae, and is a scrub mask. It has quite a bright green colour, and really does smell of algae, which I found a bit offputting at first but when I read the description of the product on the Sephora site I wanted to try it because as I said before on this blog, I like natural beauty products.

 After the first use I felt my skin was really soft and it looked a little bit brighter. The instructions for this mask state that is to be used once or twice a week, so I’ll use it again at the weekend and let you know how the second day goes. The sample sachet I was given is quite small, and I just about managed to get one application out of it with a little bit left over so that I could show you what the product looks like.

That’s all for today – I’m looking forward to letting you know how the second day of the challenge goes. I’ll post a link to where you can get the product and pricing info in the second post.


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