Multipurpose make up- MUA Lip Boom in Cheeky 

Summer is a great time to use multipurpose make up products, and one of the lip products that is in this format is Make Up Academy’s Lip Boom in Cheeky (light pink). So far, I’ve only tried this once but I like it.

The product itself in a lightweight black tube with one end being a lipstick and the other a lipgloss with an applicator . It’s very easy to just take anywhere with you in a handbag or makeup bag. Make Up Academy (MUA) is exclusive to superdrug.The price for this product is £3.

Look at all the looks you can get with just one tube! 

Mostly I tend to use either the lipstick on its own or the gloss and the lipstick together because I’ve found that the gloss on its own is very sticky, and uncomfortable to apply because of the slightly glittery parts in the product. The gloss does have quite a subtle but good shine to it and I found the lipstick surprisingly creamy and it went on very well because of this texture. If I buy this again, it will be because of the colour and the fact that I like the product’s texture. What really put me off was the texture of the gloss .
I have the same product in Let Me Know (LMK) dark red which I’ll review soon. 
Overall, I’d give this product 5/10 

MUA website


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