Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic Algenist  Algae Skin Brightening Mask Challenge Day 2


With it being a Sunday I thought that it would be a great opportunity to round off my challenge seeing as it’s also the end of the week. This product has been fun to try out, and I have noticed that it makes my skin really soft, smooth and my skin honestly does look brighter than it did before I started using the mask another good thing that I realised about this mask is when it comes to putting the mask on and removing it the product is quite a clean product to use compared to other scrub masks and other facemasks I’ve used in general because the scrub particles don’t fall everywhere when I’m applying the mask. I ended up using all the product in two trial size sample sachets that each had 3 g of product in. This amount was definitely enough to last me the two days my challenge lasted. I’m very pleased with it, and I’m glad that I got the same results many people who tested the product did in terms of skin brightness and softness. After having tried the product for two days, I can honestly say that I would like to buy a full-size version of it. 



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