Shine Control Paper  Comparison :  Superdrug Clarity Shine Control Paper  vs Essence All About Matt Oil Control Paper

With rising temperatures in the heat  of summer, our skin can be shinier than usual. There are lots of “shine control”  products out there from many different brands. 

What do I mean by shine control? Well, traditionally, these are products like powders foundations  and moisturisers or even cleansers which have ingredients in them which stop excess oil or sebum in the skin from being produced and therefore your skin doesn’t get shiny. Because most of these products are made for skin that’s oily or gets oily, they can also have high levels of salicylic acid in them, which is meant to help spot prone skin by treating blemishes and drying spots out. Most of the time this works to stop spots but can sometimes be harsh on the skin. 

More recently though, I’ve seen shine control in a much smaller product than a powder or cleanser.

Because  who wants clutter up their handbag with a large powder compact when there’s an extra bit of shine on their forhead and nose? Not me! Years ago, I was in love with Tea Tree products, and used them  a lot whenever I had the occasional spot. I only tended to use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil range. It was during a trip there that I saw their shine control paper. I tried it and really liked it. I haven’t bought it in a long time though. Then, I went to Superdrug and tried their shine control papers. 

Superdrug  Clarity Shine Control Papers 

 This is a product from Superdrug’s Clarity range for oily skin and oil control. 

The packaging is compact. Inside, the papers are secured in the middle, like a book.The powdered side is very visible and obvious. You have to tear each sheet out to use it. This was difficult  and very time-consuming for me because of my coordination and I ended up ripping more than one paper! I solved this by keeping the ripped parts to use on just a small area of skin, or for a touch-up. The texture, I thought, was quite rough  a little like sandpaper. It did give good coverage though. The amount of excess oil was easily soaked up by  the paper. The last time I bought these (a few years ago now) they were great value at just 99p, The Superdrug site doesn’t stock them anymore but it does have these Superdrug Deep Acrion Mattifying Shine Control Papers

Verdict 6/10

Essence All About Matt Oil Control Paper 

This product has packaging I like and it clearly states that there are 50 sheets in each packet. This time, you get the papers out the pack by pulling each one slightly from the side with the curved edge. I didn’t have to open the packet at all. This seems a better system to me than Superdrug’s shine papers because I didn’t get the powder product on my fingers. The papers  are thinner than Superdrug’s and are transparent as well as being printed with the Essence logo multiple times.  The drawback of this was that I the product seemed to glide over my skin rather than absorbing any excess oil so I had no idea how much oil came off my skin AT ALL but my skin looked less shiny afterwards. These papers are softer to use than Superdrug’s. 

Price: €2.49/£2.49

Verdict 6/10 

I’ve discovered I can’t give one product more points than the other this time, because each has things I really like and things I really don’t as I’ve said. 

It would be great if there was a hybrid somewhere between the two with the coverage and visibility of the Superdrug ones, and the texture and user-friendly packaging of the Essence ones. 

I love the oil absorbing  ability of the Superdrug Clarity Shine Control Papers, and I have bought them at least twice. I just have to get someone to pull the papers out for me. Seems I’ll have to keep looking for the best shine control papers for me. I know Sephora does some, and being the complete Sephora addict that I am, I’d love to try those. 


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