Celebrity Perfume: Christina Aguilera EDP natural spray 50 ml.  

I bought this three years ago when I was in Boots with a friend and I was being the typically indecisive me – wanting to buy something but not knowing what. Then I saw the perfume stand and browsed the selection before choosing Christina Aguilera’s perfume. Those of you who you have read my other blog entry just over literally a month ago ( Beso perfume. by Agatha Ruiz de La Prada) will know that I have a thing for celebrity perfume. I haven’t really followed Christina’s career, but I remember that I really like the song Genie in a bottle as well as Beautiful even now although it was released years ago. When I bought this perfume, luckily it was on sale at £19 reduced from £29 so I got quite a saving, especially as it is actually EDP rather than EDT. Even better as I got Boots advantage card points on it! So far, I really haven’t been disappointed with this perfume, and it smells gorgeous with notes such as peony and white tea. Here’s more information about the perfume and its ingredients from the Boots site- I’m pleased and happy to see the price is still low- £19.50- and that’s great! 

It’s quite a light and wearable perfume despite being EDP and so it’s equally as good for day as it is for nighttime. It’s really not overpowering which is what I like about it. Both the packaging are the bottle are really pretty and I will keep the bottle possible after I’ve used the perfume. This would be a perfume that I definitely would buy again! It’s extremely sensual and feminine- I love it! 

Verdict: In my mind, this deserves more than 10/10, but it will have to have 10/10. It’s a beautiful product whether you’re buying it for yourself or someone else. 


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