Multipurpose Makeup: Full Action Extreme Effect  Mascara  by Sephora Collction 

I’ve had this for about eight months and it’s coming to its end but it’s still usable. I really like the size of the brush and the amount of product that it can apply. When I bought this back in December last year, I was looking for mascara that would be volumising for my lashes and I also wanted a splash of colour.

 I love coloured mascaras, but haven’t always been sure exactly which colour compliments blue eyes.

 Last December I went on the Internet and googled “great mascara colours for blue eyes” and lots of results came up. I have always bought black mascara but noticed that black looks harsh with my eye colour.

 Years ago, I also switched to trying brown mascara and purple or plum coloured mascara. Both of these colours look great on me, but what was suggested in some articles were colours like grey and blue. I would have never even thought of trying blue mascara as I’ve never particularly liked the colour blue but it turns out that a complimentary darker shade of blue, like this product in shade 04,  actually does look great on my eyes .

The mascara has 7 benefits: it lengthens, volumises curls, separates, strengthens protects and nourishes .

 The mascara formula in itself is quite thick , and I really feel the difference with just a couple of coats on my lashes, It cost me about €15. I want to buy this again and maybe even try out a different colour, maybe even a couple! There’s also a waterproof version which sounds interesting. 

More Info Sephora Extreme Effect Mascara
Verdict: 10/10


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