Celebrity Perfume: Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift 

Wonderstruck is an awe-inspiring, magical feeling. The fragrance has notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry. The result is sparkling; an enchanted fragrance.
I was given the Wonderstruck perfume  gift set by my gran for Christmas  in 2012. The set had a 50ml tube of perfumed body lotion, a 50ml perfume and a 5ml perfume. Taylor Swift is one of my favourite singers, so I thought “why not try her perfume?” True, the perfume smells nice, bit it’s a little overpowering for the daytime, and I love the packaging. It sums up a fairytale look. I’ve been mad about dewberry ever since I first bought a shower gel from The Body Shop and then spent my teen years in Boots buying the Natural Collection  dewberry body spray.  I’m so glad dewberry features as an ingredient in this perfume, as it seems to balance out all the other ingredients. 

My 50ml perfume has gone very far as I use it very sparingly, and only now and then. 

I’m undecided whether I’ll buy it again or not. 


 Taylor Swift Wonderstruck 

– cool packaging, 

fine in small amounts, 

too strong for daytime, 

better for the evening. 

Verdict: 6/10 

This   article has some interesting facts about Wonderstruck! 

I’d love to try Wonderstruck Enchanted and Taylor’s other perfumes. Wonderstruck was the first perfume I’d ever tried of hers. 


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