Review: Visibly Clear  Rapid Clear Treatment  by Neutrogena

Everyone gets the occasional blemish. or spot now and then. I got most of mine when I was in my early to mid teens. I can remember I tried every brand I could buy: Clean and Clear, Witch Stick, and even Clearasil. I found a lot of these brands very strong for my skin, and when my acne got worse I went to my GP who prescribed a lotion in a container that was a bit like a roll on deodorant and I had to apply it to my skin morning and evening. This worked in the end and I was finally spot free. I do realise though, that my acne wasn’t as bad as many of my friends’ or other people at my school. It really knocked my confidence though. Having already been through many major brain surgeries by age 11, having acne did make my very shy, not self-confident self even more so. 

Since that time in my life , I haven’t really got acne at all apart from round the time that I have my period . Now, one product that I really like for the occasional spot is Neutrogena’s visibly clear rapid clear treatment gel, which can be found at Boots or Superdrug and many supermarkets and chemists/ pharmacies. It comes in a 15ml tube and costs £4.49. This might seem expensive, but is not because every time you use it you only have to use a tiny little bit of the product and apply it to the affected area. The gel, which goes,on clear, dries really quickly and it has salicylic acid and alcohol in it which does leave a bit of a tingling sensation so that you know that the product is working. The product claims to dry spots in four hours, and I have to say that I agree with the claim because it is very good at drying up acne. Another gel that I like is Clean and Clear’s Advantage Spot Treatment Gel, which costs about the same price and comes in the same format as this gel I’m reviewing. If ever I need a fast acting acne treatment gel for under £5, either of these gels are the ones that I always trust. Despite the ingredients, they have never actually visibly irritated my skin in terms of causing redness or anything like that. The gels are the prefect size to fit inside a small makeup bag or handbag too, for emergency touch ups! 
Verdict: 8/10 .


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