Review: Kiko Makeup Milano Water Shadow

I saw this last December, on my birthday in fact when Alfredo and I went shopping. One of the shops we went into was Kiko Makeup Milano, which I like to think of as a slightly cheaper version of Sephora although to me it seems to have less of a product range. Having said that, their products are classed as “professional standard, ” so that might be why.
I knew I wanted some more make up and that I wanted different products and colours to what I usually buy. After some looking, I settled on the Water Eyeshadows in Yellow (shade 216 ) and (shade 213) as well as the Sumptuous Kohl Pencil in Taupe (01). I also felt I needed a new kind of face mask and so I chose the Purifying Face Mask. I’ve already reviewed that here and will review the other products I bought in other posts.

Kiko Makeup  Milano Water Shdow in shade  216,  Yellow

What first caught my eye whilst looking at the display of these eyeshadows was that many  of them were in similar colours to eyeshadows I already have and the yellow one really stood out. I went into the shop to try and buy a yellow eyeshadow because I spread a lot of disability awareness, and yellow is the awareness colour for spina bifida and hydrocephalus. This is especially important to me as I have hydrocephalus and Spina  bifida occulta as well as Cerebral Palsy. If you judge this shadow solely by name, you’ll find it’s not the bright, garish yellow you were probably expecting, but instead it’s more of a “yellow gold”.

I wear make up in the awareness colour of a particular disability or condition on the awareness days. Before this, I hadn’t been able to find a yellow eyeshadow, and much less one in a shade that I’d be likely to wear more than once. The few other yellow shadows I’ve seen were really bright yellows in palettes with equally bright shades I knew I’d never wear.
Because of this, I was pretty pleased when I found this shade. I really like the way that it is presented in its own little box with a mirror and it just looks really stylish. Upon application, I realise that it reminds me a little of another eyeshadow that I tried years ago which was L’Oreal Paris’s Mono eyeshadow in Golden Shimmer not because of the name, but because of how it looked on my skin.
The texture of Kiko Makeup Milano’s Water Shadow is incredibly soft, and it has a nice design on the top. The presentation of this product is identical to another shadow I used Prisma Crome Shadow by Sephora, which I saw some years ago in the sale on Sephora’s USA website at another time when my parents were out there visiting my family. Luckily, my mum was able to bring some back for me, and in the shade I wanted.
I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion  in Sin underneath Kiko Makeup Milano Water Shadow, and then applied it with an eyeshadow brush that is specifically for applying cream eyeshadow, because that’s what this is, The shadow goes on really smoothly and I applied a couple of layers. You can use this product applied wet or dry. I’m pleased with the result and this is the type of colour that I think I could wear day or night.

Verdict: 9/10

Kiko Makeup Milano Water Shadow  in shade 213, Dark Slate Green 

I immediately fell in love with shade 213, a dark sea green because it seemed so different to the other shades. I have loved sea green as a colour ever since I bought one of the books by Trinny and Susannah, Channel 4’s supercritical style gurus. Although I never really agreed with their opinions on things, I enjoyed seeing the clothing combinations they came up with. I can remember in one book (don’t ask me which, I have all of them!) Trinny is wearing this sea green dress which looks great. I fell in love with the colour then, and have tried, and failed, to find clothes in the same colour for myself. That’s why I was so pleased when I found this eyeshadow. It has exactly the same texture, blending ability and is just as wearable as shade 216, but on the whole I prefer this colour as I think it looks better on me and is so unique. Given the right outfit, I think this colour would look great day or night, but is probably more suited to evening or night. I won’t do a blow by blow review on this because I would just be repeating myself, seeing as the texture and application is exactly the same as shadow number 216. I think if I had to choose between the two colours to buy again, I would definitely choose shade 213 because it is just so different to anything I’ve had before.

Verdict: 10/10

This shadow only wins slightly because I prefer the colour.

The shadows are priced at £8.90/€8.90 each. Being for wet and dry use, you can create lots of looks from subtle to intense with just one shadow.  They’re great for the summer months as well as all year round 

At the time of writing this article, I saw that shade 213 no longer features on their website 😦 I wish I’d bought two of that colour which I almost did- still, it’s probably just as well that I didn’t because I’d never used this product before and didn’t know how it looked until I did. I love this colour though. If anyone’s reading this and has a dupe shadow  for Kiko Makeup Milano Water Shadow shade 213 Dark Slate Green , just drop me a comment below. Don’t forget to include the link to where I can get it.

The better news is that the Water Shadows are also currently amongst the sale products so I’ll buy some more the next time I go to a store. 


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