FashionistA Bronzers Comparison : Barcelona vs  Dubai 

Ever since I read an article a couple of years back saying that bronzers can be a great substitute for blushes I thought I’d try the look. The first bronzer I bought was Sephora’s Duo bronzer which I reviewed a few summers ago after I bought it in the sale at €4. Then, I continued with Sephora’s Bronzers and tried the two that came with my Medium Shopping Bag Palette by Sephora Collection. I still have those bronzers. 

A year ago, I saw on the Superdrug website that FashionistA does Bronzers too, and so bought the ones I thought would be closest to my skin tone, which turned out to be the ones I’m reviewing in this blog post.

I started buying this brand three years ago when I saw lots of products from the range in my local Superdrug store. I  reviewed my  FashionistA custom palette during The Glitter Notebook Mini Challenge Day 4 and so if you read the blog post then you know what’s in there. 

A few weeks ago, I changed the baked eyeshadow for my two bronzers from the range because I wanted to create more of a summer look. The two I bought are Barcelona and Dubai, and because they are the same product just different shades, I will review them in the same post. 

If you love the shades, feel free to buy whichever one you like from the ones I review or a totally different shade.


This is the lightest of the two bronzers that I bought, and creates a more subtle look. It is a very light bronze colour and looks extremely natural when on. 

Verdict: 10/10

This is slightly darker, and in fact has a mixture of shades with a lighter shade mixed with splashes of a darker shade so creates a darker colour overall.

Verdict; 9 1/2 out of 10 
I love them both, and I also recently noticed on the MUA blog that MUA have taken FashionistA under their wing, and so both product ranges are sold on the MUA site. Barcelona is a slightly more wearable shade for everyday use though I think, seeing as it’s the paler of the two. I love the colours of the Dubai one though, and really both look good on my skin. They even look great together! 

Both have a feather-light texture, lighter even than some blusher brands I’ve used. This makes them really easy to blend and very comfortable to wear. When I bought them, they were just over half their usual price, so £2.49 instead of £4 each. Because I like the colours so much, I think I’d have paid full price though, but back then it was the first time I’d tried them so I was glad of the extra saving. 

Of the two, the one I’d be most likely to buy again is Barcelona. I see this is quite a popular shade because I read an article on the MUA. blog that was written back during the MUA-FashioistA merger, and people were trialling the custom palette. Of the bronzers they chose for their palettes, Barcelona was the one picked most.  My decision to buy this shade wasn’t influenced at all by this blog post(it was written in 2013 and I had no idea the merger had happened and I didn’t discover the blog or the blog post until recently). 

So, there you have it- my FashionistA bronzer comparison.Now it’s your turn to choose your perfect shade 🙂 

Buy FashionistA products on the Makeup Academy (MUA) site. 


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