Review: Superdrug Simply Pure 3 Minute Mask 

A year ago, I asked my mum to send me some of this mask so that I would have one for when my skin is is especially sensitive. This tends to happen when there are lots of changes in temperature and also if I have been using other products that haven’t agreed with my skin or if my face is sunburnt. I also buy a product for sensitive skin if I’ve never tried it before and don’t want my skin to react to the product. Before trying this mask, I’d never bought or tried any product in the Simply Pure range. 

 The mask is part of Superdrug’s Simply Pure range, formulated especially for sensitive skin. The mask comes in a 75 mL tube and it costs £2.69. The brand is exclusive to Superdrug. 
 Mum actually ended up buying me four tubes and so I have plenty to last me. I’m only just starting the second tube now. The facemask is white and it is a little bit runny. It’s fragrance free and it has to be applied once you have cleansed your face.
 When I first started using it, I applied just a thin-layer but with more frequent use I have realised that it doesn’t irritate my skin at all and so have started applying a slightly thicker layer. Despite this, the product still remained runny.
 When I used it today, I used the stopwatch on my iPad to count the time that the mask was meant to dry in, and it unfortunately went way past three minutes. The mask took 7 1/2 minutes to dry completely which is a big disappointment. Before, I’ve just left the mask on for the three minutes recommended but it hasn’t dried completely. Personally, I prefer masks that dry completely because then I know that all of the ingredients have acted properly.
 I realise that there are masks which don’t try at all, but it says nothing about this on the product page on the superdrug website. I would say this product does what it says in that it softens the skin and doesn’t irritate it at all. I even noticed that it has some drying effect on blemishes if I have them.

And that’s a bonus. however, I’m really put off by the texture and time that this mask takes to dry so I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with practically three tubes to get through, but at least I won’t have to buy more facemask for a while!

Superdrug don’t have this product on their website anymore, but they still stock various products in the Simply Pure range, and they all cost £2.69 each.
 I always prefer facemasks in tubes because you get more product in a tube and it’s better value for money in the long run . I only buy facemasks in sachets if there is a particular facemask that I absolutely love, for example Superdrug’s White Chocolate Mask or Chocolate and Orange Self-heating Mask.
Verdict: 4/10


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