Summer Blusher Comparison: MUA’s Blusher in Cupcake vs FashionistA’s Juicy Apricot. 

So far on this blog, I have reviewed a range of products but I haven’t yet reviewed blushers. As the long lazy days of August come to an end, I hope this comparison post finds you well. This summer, I have been alternating between the use of bronzers and also blushers. On the whole, the two makeup products I use the least are blusher and eyeliner because of my difficulty applying them.
Of all the blushers in my collection, the two I use most during the summer months are Makeup Academy’s (MUA) blusher in Cupcake which was launched in Spring/Summer 2014 and FashionistA’s blusher in Juicy Apricot which I bought in 2012. 


Let’s start with Cupcake. I chose this because of the name, and also because of the colour which looks at first glance to be a quite bright pink colour is actually very subtle when on.
Juicy Apricot on the other hand is more of an intense peachy shade, and comes in one of FashionistA’s custom cases. I can easily mix and match this with other eyeshadow, bronzer and blusher shades in my custom palette, which I’ve now mentioned a few times on this blog as I love it so much.

The textures of both blushers are very soft, and both are easy to blend , although the FashionistA blusher takes a little more blending because the colour is slightly more intense.

Price wise, the MUA blusher costs just  £1 and the FashionistA one cost £4.

FashionistA’s packaging looks nicer than MUA’s and it’s also more secure. Both blushers are very compact.
A few weeks back, I accidentally dropped another MUA blusher on the floor (oops!)  and the lid snapped off but the blusher remained intact. I’m still able to use this blusher (yay!).
On the other hand, the last time that happened with a FashionistA blusher, the case stayed usable but the blusher shattered under the impact of it being dropped. I get the impression because of this that FashionistA blushers are made of finer blusher powder, but I’m not sure if this is really true or notl

In any case, both shades look nice on me and I’d buy either again. Both products seem good quality to me. As I have my palette , I’d probably be more likely to buy another FashionistA blusher because then I can store it in there rather than having single blushers cluttering my makeup bag. That said, I’ll definitely buy an MUA blusher again if I come across a shade I like and I’ll be very likely to buy the Cupcake shade again.      I love the Juicy Apricot one too as it is very unique.

Verdict for Cupcake: 8/10

Verdict for Juicy Apricot: 9/10


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