Review : Malibu Sun Continuous Spray Suntan Lotion: My Hawaiian Tropic Dupe!  

Even though the summer is coming to an end, people still go on holiday and I’m still having to have some cream applied. I bought this at Savers Pharmacy. I personally have always loved the smell of coconuts, and Hawaiian Tropic sunlotion is one of my favourite brands but is not always within my budget. I found the Malibu range in Superdrug and then found it cheaper at Savers. I bought the Suncream in SPF 30 for £4.99 at superdrug, and then saw the Continuous Spray Lotion (also SPF 30) for £2.99 at Savers. The product comes in an 175 ml aerosol can which you have to shake before you use. The cream sprays out as a fine spray which converts into a cream on contact with the skin and smells very nice. It’s easily applied and absorbed. It is also water resistant and you have to reapply it frequently as you would any other suncream. The recommended on the Malibu Sun website price for this product is £7.99. Continuous Spray Lotion Price

 I’ll definitely buy this again, because it’s much cheaper than other brands, even if you buy it at £7.99. It turns out I actually saved loads more by buying it at Savers Pharmacy. You’re probably thinking, that’s all well and good but what about how the product protects you from the sun? My skin is fair but not as fair as some people’s and if I’m careful in the sun  (which I always am) I  get a tan. Slowly but I do get one. I deliberately chose SPF 30 because the other products the shop had in the same range were only SPF 6 8 or 10 and not worth the money in my case or worth me using as I always buy at least SPF 25 or higher. 

 The only thing is that I would say is that it’s a shame that the product is only 175 mL because I would’ve liked more in this product. It’s nongreasy to, which is great. It’s great value for money if you get it from Savers or somewhere similar. 


Verdict: 9 1/2 out of 10


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