Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: This Week’s Purchases: an ebook, audiobooks and DVDs 

This week has been a book and DVD week in terms of what I’ve bought. I listened to the audio sample of Cathy Glass’s new fostering memoir novel, Girl Alone, which I’d anxiously been waiting for. I have some of her other books. I waited until my audible credit came through to my account and used that to preorder it. As soon as I did, I tweeted that I had and got a reply from her thanking me and saying how Denica Fairman, who narrates all her audiobooks, is a great narrator- I couldn’t agree more! 

Earlier in the week, I bought the Star Trek The Next Generation audiobooks which I have already blogged about. Read here.I also  saw that Lidl had DVDs on offer again and this time we bought The Book Thief and Avatar. I’ve seen Avatar on TV at least four times but it’s still there amongst my favourite films. Yesterday we saw 12 Years A Slave, one of the DVDs we bought awhile ago and which I mentioned in this post  I was updating what I’d read and also adding some books I wanted to read on my Goodreads account when I searched for 12 Years a Slave. I added the book to my “to read” list then saw that it was on sale on today for 49p as opposed to £2.49 so I downloaded it to my iPad Kindle reading app library immediately. The version I now have is the  full and illustrated version published in 2014 by Flying Fish but is  the version as originally  written by Solomon Northup. This week has been a bit of a week for downloading memoirs though, and I wasn’t always interested in the genre. I became interested in memoirs about 3 years ago and have Rihanna’s Kylie Minogue’s and Madonna’s too. 

I’m still reading, and enjoying The Book Thief though and I hope to blog about that as soon as possible. I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday and I’ll be relaxing as much as possible and reading too while trying to get over a horrible cold/ flu bug that has both myself and my partner Alfredo not feeling ourselves. A good book is always my way of relaxing and unwinding. 


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