Review: Sephora Kiss Me Balm in Soda Pop (Purple). 

Last October (2014), I got a leaflet through the post. First, I thought it was junk mail but then I saw it was announcing what the new products in Sephora were going to be. I love buying anything news especially as it’s from Sephora. I was out of lip balm and wanted something more than the Nivea stick lipbalms which had broken in half from the heat that summer. one of the products on the leaflet was Sephora Kiss Me a lip Balm. The first thing I noticed was the cute, compact packaging in Sephora Collection’s signature black. There wasn’t much information on the leaflet so I went online. Once there, I saw the array of colours available and thought they all looked pretty ordinary  shades of pink, red and orange as well as a transparent one that looked white to me. 

 The one that stood out from the crowd for me was the purple shade, which was called Soda Pop. I read they were slightly fragranced too. I usually don’t buy fragranced lip balms because I find the smell and fragrance too strong and very synthetic usually. However, I decided to go to my local Sephora store and see if they were in stock. As luck would have it, there was a fancy display of them just inside the shop entrance. There weren’t that many on the display, but luckily Soda Pop was there. I didn’t really look at the price until Alfredo said “they cost €8,50”. I must admit, I found this quite expensive for a lip balm, but bought it anyway. I still have the lipbalm and think it’ll hopefully last me at least another month, This is the one I originally bought and so far I’ve wanted to, but haven’t bought another Kiss Me Lipbalm because I wanted to use more of the product before buying more to make sure I liked it. I don’t just like it, I LOVE it. When I was in the shop browsing the colours, a shop assistant suggested I buy the transparent shade (creme brûlée fragrance). I know I can buy clear lipbalms anywhere and was feeling a lot more adventurous so I chose the purple. I’m glad I did- the colour glides on and I personally think it’s as rich as a lipstick in texture. It’s buildable so you can add more or less as you prefer. If you add more, I’d still advise you to blot the product as you would a lipstick. Despite the oval shape, the product is easy to fit in a bag, and with the screw top, you don’t get product leakage or messy, sticky fingers. Best of all, THE PRODUCT DOESNT BREAK! as with every use, the product stays inside the packaging. Although I did find it melted slightly in the heat, it was nothing compared to the stick lipbalms which became unusable when they melted or broke too much. With a short time in the fridge, this Lipbalm was back to its usual consistency.  The product gained brownie points for me because it’s  easy to apply- just like a lipstick and you don’t have to twist it up and down like a Lipbalm in a tube. You just unscrew the top and apply it. No product is ever wasted even if some melts inside the lid (which it sometimes did with me). A great product and I will be buying more (possibly in other shades too!) 

Verdict: 10/10


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