New Release: Girl Alone by Cathy Glass 

Today, I turned my iPad on and went straight to the Audible app, which wasn’t working well. Fortunately, after an update it was fine and I was able to fully download my brand new audiobook, which was released today. It’s Girl Alone by Cathy Glass. (@CathyGlassUK). 

 I’d been looking forward so much to the release of this, so much so that I did what I don’t normally do: I preordered it a week ago. I only really preorder books I’ve really been wanting to get or if I really like the author’s other books. In the case of this book, what motivated me to preorder the audiobook was a mixture of those two reasons. 

If you haven’t heard of the book, are wondering what’s it’s about (or both) here’s a synopsis: 

SYNOPSIS: Girl Alone by Cathy Glass

As with everything I read, I’ll review this after I’ve listened to it. I’ve just started it so hopefully that’ll be soon 🙂 


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