9/11: 14 Years On 

It’s the same every year – people come together on 11 September to remember what happened and also to pay homage to those who lost their lives. There’s news coverage and also today the film World Trade Centre will be on TV again later tonight. We have seen it but won’t be watching it as we have the DVD and can watch it whenever we like. Since yesterday, I have noticed that the social networks are full of the same questions : what were you doing on September 11 2001 and / or where were you on the day? I’m taking a moment out from my usual make-up / beauty product/ book reviews/ life snippets

today as I always feel today deserves some kind of recognition. This year, I decided that would be in the form of a blog post. 

OK, so, want to know what I was up to on the day the New York skyline was changed forever? Well, I was out with mum shopping for things for what would be my first year at Reading university (UK). Obviously, we were so busy we knew nothing about it, I think we may have listened to music on the way back, or maybe we didn’t. Anyway, the thing is that we had no idea what had happened until we got back to the house. the TV was already on as dad had decided to stay behind because there was most probably a cricket match on and he never liked to miss those. I can remember taking one look at the TV and seeing images of the black smoke billowing out of the top of the towers, Down below the towers, the city was in chaos: sirens wailing, people shouting screaming running and crying. I was distracted from the TV by mum grabbing the phone and saying she had to call aunty Karen and uncle Patrick, as well as Jane and Rob, my aunties and uncles in the states. I was really worried about my cousins too, and not for the first time I found myself realising how much I missed them. My family was too close for comfort really, living in West Virginia and Boston at the time. I was shocked to see the Pentagon was also involved in the attacks, and was even more worried when I found out my uncle Patrick had been near the Pentagon that day. It turned out however that all, my family were fine (although my first private thought was that I wanted to get on a plane and fly across the Atlantic to be with them). 

Fourteen years on, the horror of what happened hasn’t gone away for me, and I’m not even American. It was the event that shocked and changed the world forever. I think I was even more shocked and touched by the tragedy because of having family members living not far from New York. I have memories of a day trip to New York during my (so far) one and only trip to the USA and NYC when I was eleven during which we visited some sights and also went up one of the towers. It was an extra special trip for me as I’d just had major brain surgery to replace my hydrocephalus shunt and I had a great holiday. 

I’d like to visit New York again one day and go to the World Trade Centre memorial museum and see the area as it is now. On this day as always my heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one that day, and I’m glad that all my family who live in the States are alive and well. I love you all! 


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