Review: Splendore  Brightening Makeup by Borghese 

As soon as I started using this, I could tell it was going to illuminate well because of the shininess of the product. I used it very sparingly for this reason. I had the product in a tube format and used it all up a few years ago when I was bought a Borghese makeup set and case by my aunt and Gran. Awhile back, I reviewed the Sheer Mist palette which was another item that came in the set, along with a mascara, lipgloss and eyeliner which I’ll review soon. I only have the eyeliner and eyeshadows left, 

The texture of the Brightening Makeup is quite thick, like a tinted moisturiser, and it has a pleasant scent. I never ever use my fingers to apply any makeup and especially not bases. I used a wedge makeup sponge and the product took awhile to be absorbed by my skin despite the fact it was a fair shade close to my skin colour. Once it was, it illuminated my skin and brightened it well but left a little too much shine for my liking so I applied some shine control powder with a powder brush. I thought it was heavy for my skin in terms of coverage, but covered it  well and evenly. At $30 (£19.45 at the time this post was published) for 1 ounce (29 mls approx) if bought separately from other products, it seems very expensive, and since then I’ve tried better and much cheaper products such as the 9- in- 1 super makeup by Rimmel London (both in the normal and radiance versions) which I absolutely can’t live without, and will review very soon 🙂 



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