Review: Borghese Eye Accento Pencil in Boticelli Charcoal

This is a double-ended eye pencil with the eye pencil at one end, and a smudge brush at the other. I’d first started buying grey eyeliners years ago to try a different look, I have worn black eyeliners before, but think they look too harsh on my blue eyes. Charcoal grey looks sophisticated and a bit softer than black. This pencil gives me a 2-in-1 look- I can  wear it as it comes or smudge it. I can’t apply eyeliner myself but I still like to have eyeliners in my makeup bag so someone else can apply it for me. This pencil costs $19 (£12.34) for an 0.04 gram pencil. I’ve found it cheaper on this website .

The version on the Borghese website comes with a sharpener, but the pencil in my Borghese makeup set comes just as I’ve described. I really like the colour and texture, and the size of the pencil is good compared to other brands of makeup. 

Verdict: 8/10 


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